Shanghai Customs College (SCC) is a full-time higher institution approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and under the direct supervision of General Administration of Customs. In March 2007, the MOE approved the establishment of Shanghai Customs College on the basis of Shanghai Customs Higher Vocational School. SCC is now the only college that offers customs-related disciplines and courses in China.

College Spirit—Patriotism & Aspiration, Openness & Erudition

Patriotism & Aspiration” stresses the goal of serving the country and executing the professional belief of customs, which is the foundation and historical heritage of this college. “Openness & Erudition” means the premise for the prosperity of customs and foreign trade and for the development of the college in the era of reform and opening up. It is also a necessary notion for a globalized world in which customs and foreign trade are getting more complicated and diverse and modern higher education is getting increasingly open and international.

School Philosophy—Unique Disciplines, Academic Research, Talented Students, Democratic Management

Unique disciplines constitute the legitimacy of this college’s existence; academic research is a significant manifestation of this college’s teaching capacity and standards; an important means of serving the customs and society; and an essential guarantee for improving talent cultivating capabilities. Talented students are the key to the development of the college. And democracy is all about respecting and motivating the teaching staff, pooling their strength and building a peaceful campus.

Motto—Knowledge, Action, Discipline, Loyalty

Teacher Ethics—Integrity with Knowledge

Advocating for the charisma of a noble personality and the charisma of profound scholarship to educate students

Student Ethics: Drawing Strength from Others

Drawing Strength from Others” is what “Openness with Knowledge” means in students’ ethics and is determined by the discipline and profession of customs. To raise customs and foreign trade practitioners that can meet the requirements of openness and globalization in modern society, we must advocate inclusiveness in our academic community; study the most advanced results in frontier and inter-disciplinary fields and expand students' horizon; promote knowledge acquisition; encourage critical thinking and visionary outlook and deliver it in real life.

College Logo

The college logo consists of a key, a book, the earth's longitudinal and latitudinal lines, the school name in Chinese and English, and the time of its establishment. The key symbolizes both the key that opens the door of the country and the key that opens the door of knowledge, and at the same time points to the east, signifying that students should strive to study hard to uphold the sanctity of the country for the sake of the motherland; the open book symbolizes the school, which is deformed, resembles the flying swallow, signifying that it is in the ocean of knowledge and soars at the door of the country; the longitudinal and latitudinal lines symbolize the earth and the world, signifying that the school is open to the international community; the English name of the school is rounded in an arch, but not closed, resembling the rays of the sunrise on the sea, and shining like a golden key; the time of establishment is at the bottom of the book, symbolizing that the school was founded in 1953. The background of the entire motif is blue, symbolizing the sea, which is closely linked to customs, and the sea of knowledge.